Benjamin Rush

The Next Generation Needs Us

The Benjamin Rush Alliance for Liberty & Education (BRALE) is restoring Biblical values and principles in today’s public schools. We equip Bible-believing school board members with the knowledge, resources, and support that they’ll need to fight back against the radical leftists on their school boards.

If you’re calling for reform and wish to challenge your local school board, then BRALE is here to be your helping hand, ear-piece, and lifelong support group. Whether you’re a Bible-believing school board member or a concerned Christian citizen who wants to join a local school board, then let us set you up for success! Sign up today, and we’ll give you access to educational resources that will help you challenge the left-wing agenda in today’s public-school systems.

How We’re Fighting for Our Classrooms

BRALE is a state-wide council that offers educational tools and resources to Bible-believing school board members. We’ll help you call for reform and push back against the policies that the leftists on your school board have created. No legislative experience needed!

These resources include but are not limited to:

  • Educational blogs and articles
  • Professional speech-writing services
  • Conferences and events
  • One-on-one guidance from legislation experts
  • And much more!

Sign up today, and join the thousands of Christian school board members who are fighting against the radical leftists in today’s public-school systems!

Reclaim the Right to Raise Your Children

The radical left is determined to advance their anti-Christian, anti-conservative agenda, and they’re using our kids as pawns in the process. Nowadays, public-school systems have replaced education with indoctrination. Our kids are being pumped with political agendas and one-sided arguments. Christian morals and conservative values are being silenced. And free-speech is only allowed in the classroom if it agrees with leftist viewpoints.

Even worse: it’s all being done from behind closed classroom doors.

How You Can Help

BRALE is assembling a massive alliance of talented writers, researchers, and legislative experts. With your support, we can build the army that we’ll need to support our Bible-believing school board members. Donate your time or money today, and help us create a brighter, more Biblically based future for our country’s children!